Private Paint Parties


Group Parties

(Adults, Family, Teens, *Seniors)

Min. 4 guests  *$25 or $35-40 per painter

Group parties can be adult, teen or family groups with a minimum of 4 guests. As a mobile business we will travel to your home or venue of choice anywhere from Denver to Longmont with all the things you need for a memorable paint party. We plan one of a kind experiences that are customized to each hosts needs. Go Gogh provides all art materials including canvas, paint, brushes, aprons and drop cloths. Our artist will also take care of all set up and break down, so you and your guests can enjoy the night with no worries.  

* All participating Senior's seats are at the discounted rate of $25 per person. Seniors are eligible for the discount for ages 65 or older


Kids Parties

(ages 6-12)

Min. 4 Guests  $25 per Painter

Go Gogh has years of experience working with kids of all ages to explore and express themselves through art. As a mobile business we will travel to your home or venue of choice anywhere from Denver to Longmont with all the things you need for a memorable paint party. We provide kid friendly designs and plans that are customized for each and every childrens party. Our artist will provide drop cloths, aprons, paint, brushes, sponges, canvas and any other art materials. We take care of all the set up and break down, so you will have no worries while you kids play and create with their friends.



Creative Team Building


Collaborative Painting

Working as a team, our Go Gogh artist will guide you as your team plans and creates one large scale painting together. Your team will break off into three groups based off of their self identified traits. Based off of the custom design created for your business these groups will make your masterpiece come to life. We start with the base/background painting, then the shapes and designs, and finished with details. The artist will give you the steps, but it is up to the team how they want to execute it. Use your communication skills as our artist gives you the tools for healthy critic. In the end you will have a piece that every member of your team can proudly say they were apart of creating. Show off your teams work by displaying in your lobby, lunchroom, conference room, or wherever you would like to inspire your team. This event is a great way to get to know your co-workers, their strengths and problem solving. 

Time: Full day workshop

Number of painters: Min. 10 participants






Paint-by-number style collaborative painting

Great for corporate events or holiday parties, Go Gogh’s paint by numbers style collaboration is a fun and easy way to create together. Go Gogh will design custom painting that will be set on the perimeter of your event or office where your team members will be invited to add their touch to the piece. The custom design will be pre-painted and laid out on the canvas to be filled in with color at your event. Our artist will be on-sight to oversee the paintings creation and answer questions throughout. In the end your team will have a one of a kind piece to share for your lobby, lunchroom, or conference room. So try a new and different activity while your team socializes and networks.

Time: 2-3 hours

Number of painters: one painting per 30 guests